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Introducing Wunder

Your guide to nurturing your little one’s learning journey through play, imagination and collaborative curiosity.


What is Wunder?

Wunder brings parents the right information at the right time.

We leverage community, academia, behavioral sciences, creative story-telling, mindful technology and educational best practices to build a personalized toolbox that caters to each child's unique milestones, interests and talents.


Time is truly of essence

Decades of science have shown that the mind's most important building blocks form between the ages of 0 and 5. Wunder helps you make the most of those beautiful, crucial years.


Start Early

90% of a child's brain forms before age 5.


Learn to Learn

early child-parent interactions shape the IQ.


Get School-Ready

only 20 min of reading a day leads to higher test scores.


Be your child’s first (and best) teacher

Encourage and assess your child’s cognitive and emotional progress while growing more confident, informed, present and self-aware as a parent.


Evidence-based Childhood Curriculum

Zero in on the personalized information and activities that truly matter to your family. Guide your child's journey by sparking the sense of play, curiosity and bonding in both of you.


Your personalized toolbox

Our early childhood experts look not only at age, but also at your child's unique skillsets and interests in order to create a unique ecosystem of activities, toys and stories that truly align with their learning journey.


Data-driven validation

Wunder takes the guesswork out of tracking your child’s development with our monthly quizzes that assess everything from social to language skills.


Hear from our early adopters


“We are always comparing with another child but in this app you can actually compare the child’s progress with their own progress month-on-month.”

Pia, Houston mom of a 2-month-old

“The app makes you feel like a successful mother”

Perri, NYC mom of a 6-month-old

“There are so many purposeful choices that parents can make and this is app is a great tool for that”

Molly, Chicago mom of a 1-month-old


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Our Latest Wunder Wisdom

Access to reliable, helpful information about your child's budding brain is like a superpower – it allows you to learn, grow and adapt alongside your little one.